monavaile is working towards enabling scalable digital fashion for gaming, VR or other 3D technology environment.s 

The future is the natively digital economy. 

The why

The project's vision, USP and future business and technology roadmap is built upon two fundamental insights; 

  1. Never in the history of mankind have we had so many advancements emerge in parallel and then collide to enable such huge innovation and create previously unfathomable opportunity. We see a specific opportunity in the collision of recent progress in physics based animation, rendering and AI algorithms and exponentially advancing computing power, enabling accurate virtual environments like never before in real time. 

  2. We understand that human nature doesn't change. Even Shakespeare's plays reveal that no matter how much technology advances and globalisation increases, our core human tendencies will remain largely undisturbed— our human behaviours are persistent and they will stay that way forever.

We believe digital fashion is one of the key industries of the future. If our assumptions above are in fact correct and do hold true, then we see that there is huge potential in properly enabling digital fashion for 3D virtual worlds both in terms of new technological tools and also in terms of wider scalable distribution channels. 

Today, the design workflow process for building realistic looking and moving digital fashion that fits within virtual worlds is tedious, difficult and complex. Creating a 3D still model of a garment is one thing, but being able to add real time reactive cloth simulation that is not confined to just pre-baked movements and then optimise this for a virtual environment increases the complexity incredibly, can take weeks to months to achieve and requires a lot of labour intensive groundwork and manual touch ups. 

There is a huge gap today in enabling fashion designers that come from a more creative and design background, with the right tools to be able to interact and design for this new digital economy and new customer base. Equipping these designers with new technologies that can streamline this process is fundamental to accelerating the digital fashion industry forward. 

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