About the Founder

"We keep moving forward... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths". 

- Walt Disney 

This quote, in a nutshell, sums up just how Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee sees the world. As a 22 year old entrepreneur and someone who loves to spend hours thinking about the future and where we might be in the next 100 years, she describes herself as an ambitious problem solver whose life so far has taken her on a mix of great adventures. 

Ever since she can remember, Emma-Jane has felt passionate about bringing new ideas and creating new technologies that can provide a big impact in this world. And as the CEO and Founder of monavaile, she is pioneering for native digital. She has a big vision for the future of our digital economies and believes that the fashion industry is exactly where to start. To her, fashion is vital to who we are as humans— where clothes can be used to reveal our broader identity and help us to express our sense of true self. This is just a first step towards an advanced future of Matrioshka Worlds, shapeshifting and complex outer space factories. 

She is always striving for better and her drive to achieve the dreams and goals she has set for herself is what gets her up every morning, compels her to work 7 days a week, 19 hour long days and inspires her to keep moving forward. She is a dreamer at heart, who believes that by taking a few risks, working incredibly hard and remaining focused on the bigger end goal, you can achieve absolutely anything. 

Some more background:

Emma-Jane has been given the chance to work alongside some of the greatest minds across multiple industries and verticals in the emerging tech sector. In 2019 she came on board as a co-founder with GDA Corporation, under GDA Holdings, to lead a Dubai government digital and emerging technology initiative, the Dubai Foresight Initiative 2020. Over the course of 10 months the team engaged with over 160 stakeholders (From regulators, local and federal government departments, large private organisations and international startups and scaleups) to develop 20 refined Dubai native use cases across the financial, transportation, trade and logistics, tourism and real estate sectors. Here she drove the company vision, high level strategy, technical use case development, foresight framework development and local and international stakeholder engagement. She is also a cofounder with GDA Fund, also under GDA Holdings, where she worked on building the options tail risk hedge variance swap strategy for Bitcoin Options, guided under a senior ex-derivates trader from the JPM CIO office which was led under Ina Drew. 

See more about Emma-Jane at https://www.janefuture.com/ or contact her at emma.jane@monavaile.com

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