Digital Fashion Innovation: The Future of gaming, NFTs and digital economies

monavaile is hosting the first digital fashion focused online conference.


We are talking all things digital and looking at how these future economies are going to bring in the next trillion dollar industries; new business models, new applications, the future of the industry and where to next. 

There is a clear innovation curve in the advancement of gaming, VR, AR and each year these digital worlds are becoming more and more photorealistic. These technologies are creating new natively digital economies and business models, and similar to what the internet did 10 years ago, enabling businesses like google, Uber, Airbnb to exist in the realm of the internet— esports, gaming and VR is enabling the next step of creating purely digital economies that exist only within this digital realm. 

In this new world, digital fashion will be an absolutely huge segment. 

Fashion is an industry that is core to who we are. 

It is how we express ourselves, our identity. 

It is human nature. 

When: October 28th. ~20:00 - 23:30 UTC

Where: Online. Sign up below for details emailed.


(Speakers to be announced soon!)

Intro and welcome address (10 min)

Overview on native digital economies

1st Keynote address (20 min)
The role of fashion in gaming and esports

1st Panel session (40 min)
Enabling digital fashion: applications, industry, ecosystem, open source

2nd Keynote session (20 min)

Fashiontech: the digital fashion industry and its future

3rd Keynote session (20 min)

Digital goods and assets industry overview

2nd Panel session (40 min)
NFTs and creating digital exclusivity, rarity 

3rd Panel session (40 min)

New digital business models and value creation (for gaming, VR, other 3D virtual environments) and the long and short term outlook for NFTs

Closing Remarks (5 min)