monavaile and DIGITALAX launched the first dedicated digital fashion, gaming, NFT, DeFi Conference October 2020!

What a great evening jam packed with industry leaders across gaming, NFTs, DeFi and digital fashion. Speakers from Epic Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Helsinki Fashion Week, OpenSea, $MEME,, Enjin... and much more! 

Our speakers and panelists covered everything from the use cases, business models, future applications and industry segmentations, challenges in creating our native digital economies of the future. These innovations and industries are scaling rapidly and bringing forth the next trillion dollar industries. 

As gaming, VR and other 3D technologies continue to become more and more advanced, hyper-realistic and grow exponentially in adoption, NFTs present unlimited use cases and potential in terms of what they can enable for the virtual goods markets. 

In the past year NFTs have gained immense popularity—we reached the first $100 million in sold NFTs in July, and then just in the past weeks the 24-hour trade volume of NFTs listed on the top 5 Ethereum NFT marketplaces surpassed $1 million (Previously only reached after 1 week!). This is really just the beginning, with the NFT market expected to grow over 4X in the coming weeks. 

The intersection between gaming and NFTs is starting to present very unique use cases around new industries like digital-only 3D fashion. Digital fashion is still a relatively new market segment, but at its full potential it is going to open up a whole new world for both designers, developers and consumers. The future of seamless immersive digital experiences is all about self-expression and being able to empower concepts of individualism and identity—rooted as some of our most core values as humans, and ultimately, form our human nature. Fashion is a distinct method and channel of communication that allows us to self-express. In the digital world, this desire for self-expression won’t change, and digital fashion will be a huge market segment. 


You can check out the full recording of the event here: 

We want to thank everyone for attending and all of our panelists and speakers for making the event incredibly insightful, engaging and most importantly, helping to push forward the movement for our digitally-enabled futures! 


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